About Us

NCMPS transforms lives by cultivating equitable, accessible, sustainable, and humanizing public education through Montessori.

Our Vision

NCMPS envisions a world where every community has equitable access to sustainable, just, and humanizing public education that empowers families, students, and teachers to flourish.

Guiding Principles

We believe equitable, accessible, sustainable public Montessori programs have the power to disrupt racism, poverty, and structural inequality and transform lives and societies for peace and justice.

As an organization, we

  • Center equity, access, and sustainability in building strong schools
  • Honor agency and empowerment in children and adults
  • Work for Montessori to be a lever of change for a just society.
  • Ground our work in academic, community, and field-based research
  • Meet partners where they are and work side-by-side with them to build capacity
  • Approach our work with optimism and hope for the future
  • Honor and celebrate the strength and joy in each individual’s full humanity

NCMPS grows and sustains Montessori in the public sector with a focus on equity and access. More and better public Montessori schools will give children hit hardest by racism, poverty, and structural inequality access to this transformational model.

Nationally, NCMPS builds a public Montessori network—an inclusive community of teachers, coaches, leaders, policy-makers, and researchers committed to child-centered developmental education and the life-changing transformations that result.

Locally, NCMPS partners with communities and schools to build equity, quality, and sustainability through direct school support including start-up, training, assessment, and coaching. We work directly with dozens of schools, supporting hundreds of teachers, and impacting the lives of tens of thousands of children in public Montessori programs throughout the U.S.

NCMPS was launched by the American Montessori Society (AMS) in 2012, and incorporated independently in 2015.

NCMPS co-founder and visionary inspiration Jackie Cossentino passed away in December, 2019. You can read more about her and access her published work here: Remembering Jackie Cossentino

Montessori Assessment


Public Schools Supported


Teachers, Coaches, and Leaders Supported


Tools Published

Total Reach

5,000+ adults

500+ schools and organizations

50,000+ children

Our Team

Sandra Wyner Andrew

Montessori Teacher Residency Specialist

Sandra supports online learning and the Montessori Teacher Residency.

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Dave Ayer

Communications Director

David oversees communications and network development, including MontessoriPublic, the Montessori Census, and Teach Montessori.

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Katie Brown

Director of Research and Professional Learning

Katie oversees professional learning offerings and manages select research projects.

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Maria Carvajal

Student Support Specialist • Montessori Instructor and Coach

Maria supports schools, organizations, and the Montessori Teacher Residency.

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Candace Fletcher

Candace Fletcher

Montessori Teacher Residency Practicum Coordinator

Laure Fleming

Director of Montessori Teacher Residencies • Montessori Instructor and Coach

Laure manages NCMPS’s Montessori Teacher Residency program and supports public Montessori schools in the Mid-Atlantic Region and beyond.

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Director of Assets and Tools • Curriculum Standards Specialist

Katy coordinates the creation, dissemination and editing of NCMPS tools, and supports DERS training and implementation.

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Katie Mosquera

Katie Mosquera

Montessori Teacher Residency Elementary Coordinator • Montessori Instructor and Coach

Karen Simon, Bilingual Montessori Specialist

Bilingual Montessori Specialist • Montessori Instructor

Karen supports Spanish-speaking teachers and leaders in public Montessori schools and in the Montessori Teacher Residency.

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Sara Suchman

Executive Director

Sara leads NCMPS in cultivating equitable, accessible, sustainable, and developmentally appropriate public education through Montessori.

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Jasmine Williams

Race and Equity Specialist • Montessori Instructor and Coach

Jasmine supports the Montessori Teacher Residency and serves as an NCMPS Coach.

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Director of School Services • Montessori Instructor and Coach

Seth supports schools and organizations in the Rocky Mountain region through program development and coaching.

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Keith Whitescarver

Director of Entrepreneurial Initiatives

Keith brings internally developed tools to scale with partners and schools within and beyond Montessori.

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Partners and Associates

David C. Bagnoli, AIA

David C. Bagnoli, AIA

Consulting Architect

Phil Dosmann

Phil Dosmann

Senior Associate

John Freeman

John Freeman

Senior Associate

Iheoma U. Iruka

Iheoma U. Iruka

Senior Research Associate


Teach Montessori is an invitation to learn more about Montessori teacher jobs, Montessori training, Why choose Montessori and more…
MontessoriPublic is a digital and print communications & advocacy platform bringing Montessori into the public conversation.
The Montessori Census collects data about Montessori schools (public and private) in the U.S. and around the world. The Census currently has information for 500+ public programs and 2,000+ private schools in the U.S.
Breakthrough Montessori offers free, high quality Montessori education to families in Washington, DC.
The University of Delaware Montessori Teacher Residency is a MACTE applicant in good standing Montessori teacher training program including an embedded teacher residency, launching in July 2020.

Our Funders & Supporters

We are grateful to key funders who have supported NCMPS’s growth and impact over the years.

Trust for Learning

Our Board

NCMPS is governed by a Board of Directors which includes leaders from both the Association Montessori International and the American Montessori Society, as well as funders and strategy experts with experience in the education reform world.
Ebony Bridwell-Mitchell

Ebony Bridwell-Mitchell

Associate Professor of Education at Harvard University, school organizations expert, and former Montessori student
Jennifer Davidson

Jennifer Davidson


Trustee for AMI Global, former Executive Director of Montessori Northwest, Head of School of Montessori in the Redlands
Jared Joiner, Board NCMPS

Jared Joiner

Director, Educational Practice, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, and former Montessori student

Jeff Kutash


Founder and Managing Partner of Boldly Go Philanthropy. Former Executive Director of Peter Kiewit Foundation, former head of FSG’s National Education and Youth Practice, Montessori parent.
Marianna McCall

Marianna McCall


Founding Partner, Trust for Learning, Montessori parent and expert, philanthropist
Richard Ungerer

Richard Ungerer

Vice Chair

Executive Director Emeritus of the American Montessori Society, independent Montessori consultant