NCMPS offers a broad range of targeted and tailored services to help schools, teachers, coaches, and leaders deliver effective public Montessori education.

Startup and Expansion

Support for new schools and programs adding levels or expanding their scope.

Planning and Launch Years : Customized consultation for new and expanding programs.
Adolescent Program Design:
Consultation in creating adolescent programs aligned with Montessori and tailored to each school.
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Program Support

Support for full implementation and better developmental outcomes at every level.

The Essential Elements Review is a comprehensive multi-day assessment for public Montessori programs to support progress toward fully implemented, sustainable Montessori practice.

The Review comprises a school visit, a comprehensive review using the Essential Elements Rubric, classroom observations using the Developmental Environment Rating Scale (DERS), meetings with teachers, families, administration and board members, and a report with recommendations.

Essential Elements Rubric (EER)

The Essential Elements Rubric is an articulation of the Essential Elements for Montessori in the Public Sector developed by NCMPS in collaboration with national Montessori organizations. The EER helps schools assess their Montessori practice across five domains of fidelity and sustainability:


  • Adults
  • Environment


  • Leadership and Organizational Development
  • Family Engagement
  • Assessment
NCMPS staff work with school leaders to assess the program on a four-point scale across 25 standards and to develop an action plan for continuous improvement.

Developmental Environmental Rating Scale (DERS)

The Developmental Environment Rating Scale is a classroom assessment tool which measures the presence of child and adult behaviors and environment attributes which support developmental outcomes aligned with Montessori, such as executive functions, linguistic and cultural fluency, and social-emotional flexibility. The DERS is implemented via an iPad app during a classroom observation by a trained observer and gives clear guidance towards effective practice.


  • Essential Elements Rubric (EER) review and report
  • Developmental Environment Rating Scale (DERS) observations and summary reports by level
  • Stakeholder focus group meetings (teachers, families, leadership, and board)
  • Comprehensive written report with recommendations for continuous improvement


In a Supported Self-Study, we provide an orientation to the tool, and school-based teams stakeholder cohorts (parents, leadership, teachers, board, etc.) complete relevant elements. Cohorts then meet together to share observations, arrive at agreed upon ratings, develop action items, and plan next steps. NCMPS can support self-studies by:
  • Facilitating focus groups
  • Observing school operations (dismissal, arrival, lunch, etc.)
  • Observing classrooms
  • Facilitating final stakeholder to develop action plan.
  • Making recommendations for next steps.

Many schools have an Instructional Coach to help teachers improve classroom practice with the goal of improving academic achievement. Montessori Coaching broadens this scope to support for human development and school-wide full implementation.

NCMPS provides support for public Montessori school leaders and leadership teams, to help them more fully implement Montessori and navigate state and district requirements.School leaders can attend a summer training, join an academic-year online community of practice, and contract for customized on-site or telephone support for themselves and their teams.

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Leaders Training is a six-day session for public Montessori principals, heads of school, executive directors, and their leadership teams. The training explores what it means to lead a public Montessori school, unpacks key components of organization development and management, and includes Montessori Coaches Training. The training is designed to be attended by leadership teams and there is ample time for participants to apply the learnings to their own settings as they prepare for the school year.


Leaders Workshop is an online community of practice that meets throughout the academic year. Interactive meetings with a cohort of leaders from across the country are facilitated by an experienced public Montessori school administrator. Each one-hour session focuses on a particular challenge facing public Montessori schools, and participants have the opportunity to shape the agenda according to their schools’ needs and interests. Cohorts examine and discuss NCMPS tools and strategies, and discuss NCMPS tools and strategies, and participants are invited to share their own resources as well. Learn More → Register for Leaders Workshop →

One-on-One Support

School leaders can contract with NCMPS for customized leadership support, either via on-site visit and consultation, or by video conference.


  • Montessori-aligned systems and routines
  • Ongoing, school-wide Montessori coaching and professional development
  • Teacher development, record keeping and evaluation
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Tracking and reporting student data
  • Meeting district and authorizer demands
  • Board, district, parent and teacher relationships that support school culture
  • Roles, responsibilities and boundaries within a Montessori staffing structure
  • Budgeting to support the Montessori program
  • Social services and supports for families
  • Engaging parents

A full-day professional development training that introduces a system and protocol for building a child-centered professional culture. Child Study emphasizes meeting the needs of all children, resolving difficulties early, and using a wide range of data to support student development.

Continuing Education

Ongoing professional development to build skills and improve practice, and sessions to educate and engage families.

Professional Development Sessions
Full-day, half-day, and online sessions on start-up, coaching, assessment, classroom practice, and more.

Family Engagement
One to two hour sessions on Montessori essentials, research, partnership, human development, and more.

Montessori Surround
Year-long blended learning courses on neurobiology and development, equity and inclusion, and language and literacy.
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Montessori Continuing Education


Tools and strategies for measuring what matters.

Montessori Assessment Playbook →
A strategy manual and collection of wide-scope assessment tools, supported with webinars and year-round workshops.
Training and certification with these classroom environment and executive function assessment tools.
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Montessori Assessment