Our Work

Supporting schools, families, and children on a national scale

Since our founding in 2012, NCMPS has supported more than 150 schools with direct services, teacher training, coaching, and professional development.

Washington, DC

We opened Breakthrough Montessori Public Charter School, and trained teachers for DC’s public Montessori  schools in a Montessori Teacher Residency.

Memphis, TN

Beginning in 2015, we trained and supported teachers at Libertas School of Memphis, which now offers a MACTE-accredited state licensed teacher residency program.

San Diego, CA

In 2019, we helped the San Diego Unified School District design and launch the Logan Memorial Educational Campus, a comprehensive “cradle-to-career” program servinng more than 300 children from three years old through fifth grade on opening.

Austin, TX

Beginning in 2019, we supported Goodwater Montessori School, Magnolia Montessori for All, and Winn Elementary, training and coaching 17 new teachers in the NCMPS Montessori Teacher Residency.

Tulsa, OK

We supported the launch of Emerson Elementary, a Tulsa’s first public Montessori school, serving 350+ children from four years old through fifth grade. The district launched a second public Montessori school, Grissom Elementary in 2020.

San Antonio, TX

In 2018, we supported the launch of Laura Steele Montessori Academy, a district charter school serving 285 children from three years old through fifth grade. The district opened a second public Montessori school, Cleo L. Rodriguez Montessori Elementary, in 2020

Networking and Convening

The Montessori Census collects data about Montessori schools (public and private) in the U.S. and around the world. 

Users can search by ages served and location, and see schools on an interactive world map.

MontessoriPublic is a website and print newspaper sharing news and information about public Montessori.

Teach Montessori is a Montessori job posting board and training center locator.

Users can search for and post jobs, learn about teacher training, and find training centers.


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