Jasmine Williams

Jasmine Williams

Race and Equity Specialist • Montessori Coach

Email: [email protected]

Jasmine is Montessori credentialed for ages 3-6 (AMS) and holds a Masters in Education in TESOL, Literacy, and Culture.

Jasmine has worked in bilingual Montessori programs for 12 years, including 8 years in a public program. She has held the positions of classroom teacher, reading interventionist, Montessori coach, and academic director. Jasmine considers herself a citizen of the world, having lived/volunteered in and traveled to 48 countries around the globe, most recently returning from 4 years in China.

Jasmine is passionate about equitable and joyful Montessori education, and her dream is to bring free, socially justice centered Montessori training and education to marginalized communities throughout the world. Jasmine is currently earning a doctorate in Education for Social Justice at the University of San Diego with the desire to add to this body of knowledge in teacher training.