No Matter the Outcome

NCMPS is committed to human flourishing and, as a team of individuals, we have each chosen to serve this commitment through education and, specifically, Montessori education. This means a commitment to walk with children on the road to human flourishing by seeing each child as an individual with their own unique path and cosmic task, observing them with fresh eyes, and creating an environment to support their full potential. 

At a time when we as adults are pushed to make sense of our world by seeing each other through labels and categories, a push we feel especially strongly through this election, we call on the same skills we have learned through our work with children–to see each other as individuals, not labels; to observe with an eye towards possibility, and to create a world stripped of systemic barriers and racism so that all may thrive.

NCMPS was founded with the unique mission of serving Montessori education in the public sector, reaching children and families affected by racism, poverty, and structural inequality who would not otherwise have access to this type of revolutionary education. We are unwavering in our commitment to equitable and accessible public Montessori implemented intentionally and introspectively, and feel gratitude for all those with whom we walk on this journey. 

Sara Suchman

Executive Director