Statement on the shootings in Atlanta

We at the National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector, like much of our nation, feel a deep sense of sadness and revulsion at the recent killings in and near Atlanta—killings that highlight racism, misogyny, and toxic masculinity in American culture.

These acts of violence and aggression are always shocking, no matter how often they take place. The targets were members of marginalized and oppressed groups, as is sadly typical. This time, the victims were mostly women from the Asian-American and Pacific Islander communities who were assumed to be sex workers. We cannot and need not tease apart the intersectionality here nor the related stereotypes, histories of subjugation, and threats of violence in this country. Over the course of this pandemic year, AAPI in particular have been the subject of increased fear-mongering, hatred, and violence promulgated by official and unofficial sources.

We stand in solidarity with these groups today and every day and hold ourselves accountable through our words and actions.

We also remember that there are women, girls, and people of Asian and Pacific Islander descent in schools across the country, facing these challenges, prejudices, and threats daily. 

We mourn the loss of lives and continue to stand together, speak up, and bear witness to the oppression we see, and renew our commitment to educating children with anti-bias, anti-racist practices that honor humanity, dismantle white supremacy culture, and liberate the human spirit.

Sara Suchman, Executive Director