Montessori Fundamentals for Everyone

Last updated: June 29, 2022
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All adults in a Montessori school have a critical role to play in supporting instruction, building community, and promoting social-emotional development. This asynchronous online course introduces non-Montessori-trained staff to the Montessori philosophy, the school as a prepared environment, and their role within that environment. 

The online time requirement for this course is approximately 9 hours; we recommend the course be completed within 6 weeks.

Before you register: This course requires a school-based facilitator to support some aspects of the training—a coach, seasoned guide, administrator, or other support staff member. 

A 30-minute orientation call for this facilitator is required before participants begin the course. The facilitator can contact Director of Professional Learning Katie Brown at to begin registration and schedule the call.

If your facilitator has already scheduled the call, you may continue with registration. To register multiple participants or to register on behalf of someone else, please select “Group” at checkout.

The cost for Montessori Fundamentals for Everyone is $220 per person, but if your school has several staff members who need this orientation to being a part of a Montessori school community, our “unlimited enrollment” subscription for a $1700 flat fee may be the right choice. With a subscription, your school can have up to 2 facilitators and an unlimited number of participants in the Montessori Fundamentals for Everyone course (through June 30, 2023).

Course Overview

1. Montessori 101History of Montessori
Montessori pedagogy
Written reflection
Debrief meeting
2. The Prepared EnvironmentThe Montessori triad
The prepared environment
Planes of development
Video observation
Debrief meeting
3. The Montessori School CommunityRole of the adult
The culturally responsive Montessori environment
Reflective practice
Reflective practice inventory
Debrief meeting

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