Government and Policy Information

CDC Interim Guidance for Child-Care and Schools

Comprehensive guidance from the Centers for Disease Control—guidelines for schools and day-cars begins on page 40.

Questions and Answers on Providing Services to Children with Disabilities During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Outbreak

Guidance for local education agencies (LEAs) on states’ responsibilities to infants, toddlers, and children with disabilities and their families, and to the staff serving these children.

Paid Sick Leave and Emergency Family and Medical Leave guidance

Guidance from private law firm Fisher Phillips on paid sick leave and Emergency Family Medical Leave regulations in the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.

Montessori at Home

Aid to Life

The Association Montessori Internationale’s (AMI) resource for supporting children’s development from a Montessori perspective.

All Day Primary

A rich compendium of Primary (ages 3-6) materials templates, guidelines for home use, suggested activities, Montessori philosophy, and more.

Montessori at Home

A Montessori blog and online store with a good and growing collection of resources.

Learning From Home—a Handbook for Parents

Guidelines for Montessori learning at home from Arbor Montessori School, an independent school in Georgia.

Learning From Home Handbook

Guidelines for Montessori learning at home from the Montessori School of Tokyo, an independent school in Japan.

Online Experiences

Books, movies, virtual tours, and other online experiences available for at-home learning.

Open Culture

Open Culture hosts thousands of free books, movies, images, and online resources.

Audiobook company is streaming stories for children in six languages, at no charge as long as schools are closed.

Virtual Museum Tours

Google Arts and Culture offers virtual tours and online exhibits from 2500 museums around the world.

Virtual Field Trips

Discovery Education, a digital education company, hosts virtual field trips and trove of online resources.

Scholastic Learn at Home

Scholastic, an education publishing company, hosts resources and projects for at-hone learners.

Online Learning Platforms

Google Classroom

A free learning management system


A popular alternative to Google Classroom


An online service for differentiated instruction


A non-profit focused on differentiated reading instruction with a wealth of free products and resources. These and many others are linked on the National School Choice Week’s Online Resources page.

Montessori Organization Resources

Association Montessori International-USA (AMI-USA):


Association Montessori International (AMI Global):

General Guidelines for the Montessori Approach

American Montessori Society (AMS):


The Montessori Foundation:

Montessori Collaborative Response and Resources

Montessori Public Policy Initiative (MPPI):

Coronavirus Policy and Advocacy Information