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A Better Way to Educate

A Better Way to Educate

After more than a decade of efforts to improve schools by focusing exclusively on a narrow definition of student achievement, Montessori education is capturing the attention of a growing segment of parents, leaders, and educational reformers seeking a better way to educate our nation’s children.

Serving Our Most Vulnerable Families

Serving Our Most Vulnerable Families

Since 1907, when the first school opened as part of an urban renewal project in the tenements of Rome, Montessori has played a role in serving our most vulnerable families. Today, there are more than 22,000 Montessori schools worldwide on six continents, and more than 5000 Montessori programs in the US. Approximately 475 of these schools operate in the public sector, serving families from every class and culture in tuition free programs in 50 states and the territory of Puerto Rico.

Strengthening and Sustaining a Growing Movement

Strengthening and Sustaining a Growing Movement

New insights on brain development and student engagement have converged with evidence documenting successful public Montessori programs, sparking an exponential expansion of Montessori in the public sector. NCMPS is supporting this expansion through a comprehensive set of services designed to strengthen and sustain this growing movement.

A Vision of Education

A Vision of Education

The time is right to move the national conversation toward a vision of education that is unrelentingly committed to the developing mind, body, and spirit of all our nation’s children. The time is right to operationalize a vision of school that brings to all children the kind of education we would want for our own. The time is right for Montessori.

What is Public Montessori?

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Teaching as Guidance

The Cycle of Usable Knowledge

Convening and Networking Implementation Assistance
Research and Dissemination

The Center’s mission of supporting the development and sustenance of excellent public Montessori programs is enacted in four primary clusters of work:

  1. Advocacy: Drawing attention to key issues affecting fully implemented Montessori in the public sector
  2. Implementation Assistance: Providing start-up, professional development, and quality assurance support for schools and districts
  3. Research and Dissemination: Collecting data, analyzing trends, and sharing results with the wider community
  4. Convening and Networking: Building a strong professional community of practice by convening and networking public sector Montessorians from around the country

Together, these four areas of activity form a continuous cycle of generating and applying usable knowledge.

The Census Project

How many public Montessori schools are there?
Where are they located?
How many students attend a Montessori program in the public sector?

We can make educated guesses to these questions, but we don’t yet know the true answer. The Center, however, is in the process of conducting a census with universal coverage to get at these questions and others. The data acquired can inform us of the state of Montessori in the public sector today and provide useful insights into popular programs that work.

Register Your School with the USA Montessori Census Project: If you like to add your school to the map, please register or claim your school with the USA Montessori Census.

Learn More / View the Census Map

514 Public Montessori schools have participated
in the 2013-14 USA Montessori Census so far.