Sample Family Meeting & Family Meeting Activity Copy

Now that you have a sense of the purpose of the Family Meeting, it’s time to watch one in action. What you are about to see is a mock Family Meeting about an actual child (under a pseudonym) from Breakthrough Montessori with her actual teacher. The child’s parents are played by the school administrators (you’ll recognize Allison as one of them) who have been working closely with Jule’s actual parents. Elizabeth is filling the role of the Child Study Lead and sets the meeting in motion.

As you watch the meeting, try to fill out the Family Meeting Form, based on what you hear and see. After you submit your completed form, move on to the next topic to view to Elizabeth’s version of the form. Compare your form to Elizabeth’s, reflecting on what she decided to include or exclude and why she might have made those choices.

Also, watch for some of the Child Study Lead moves that Elizabeth made to draw out important points or guide the conversation. Make a list of these to share

Please submit your completed Family Meeting Form below.