Asset-Based Education for Equity – Summer 2022

Last updated: July 15, 2022
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A Montessori Approach to Equity

How do we ensure equity for the diverse populations in our public classrooms? Leaning into Montessori as an asset-based pedagogy is a good place to start. An asset-based pedagogy highlights the strengths that students bring to the classroom and views differences as assets and not deficits. Montessori is primed to do this, but without understanding and intentionality, a Montessori classroom can miss the mark.

Designed for classroom teachers and assistants of all levels, administrators, and coaches, this course looks at how participants can intentionally:

  • Establish and sustain equitable pathways such as opportunity, access, and inclusion 
  • Elevate and center the stories of marginalized/invisible groups 
  • Examine intersections of social and cultural identity in the context of education
  • Interrogate systems of power and privilege that uphold oppression in education

By the end of this course, participants will be able to: 

  • Help students reclaim language and culture through an asset-based framework
  • See, articulate, and appreciate the classroom experiences of their students, both challenges and triumphs
  • Examine their own pedagogical practices, shedding deficit-based lenses and replacing them with asset-based habits

The ultimate goal is that participants continue on this transformative path with the will and skill to:

  • Be a lever for change rather than a preserver of the status quo
  • Use the Montessori method as a tool for liberation rather than a tool for oppression
  • Be a guarantor of fairness rather than an underwriter of privilege

This is a 15-hour course with 4 live two-hour sessions. Synchronous sessions include a combination of discussions and breakout groups. For asynchronous sessions, participants will receive curated readings, media (visual and audio), and practical and reflective assignments.

Live sessions will be held from 3:00-5:00pm ET on the following days:

  • July 18
  • July 21
  • July 25
  • July 28

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About the Instructor

Jasmine provides race and equity guidance and education, and delivers Montessori theory and practice instruction for the NCMPS Montessori Teacher Residency.

Jasmine holds an AMS Early Childhood credential and a M.Ed. in TESOL, Literacy, and Culture. She has worked in bilingual Montessori programs for 12 years, including 8 years in a public program, as a classroom teacher, reading interventionist, Montessori coach, and academic director.

Jasmine considers herself a citizen of the world, having lived/volunteered in and traveled to 48 countries around the globe, most recently returning from four years in China. She is passionate about equitable and joyful Montessori education, and her dream is to bring free, socially justice centered Montessori training and education to marginalized communities throughout the world. Jasmine is currently earning a doctorate in Education for Social Justice at the University of San Diego with the desire to add to this body of knowledge in teacher training.

Jasmine Williams

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