Continuing Education

Child Study Training

A full-day professional development training that introduces a system and protocol for building a child-centered professional culture. Child Study emphasizes meeting the needs of all children, resolving difficulties early, and using a wide range of data to support student development.

Child Study Training

Child Study is an NCMPS protocol that guides teachers towards a Montessori approach to helping children get their needs met as much as possible in the Montessori environment. The protocol shifts the focus from a deficit-oriented “what’s wrong with this child?” model to a solutions-oriented “what’s going on with this child?” perspective. Child Study is a form of Response to Intervention (RTI) which can lead to Special Education referral but is designed to make the most of the Montessori prepared environment’s unique properties.

Child Study Workshop

The Child Study Workshop is an online community of practice where graduates of the Child Study Training can refine and deepen their work. Child Study Leads meet for 12 sessions on video-conference calls throughout the school year in small groups led by an NCMPS Coach to ask questions, share, reflect, problem-solve, and work with the Child Study tools. The Child Study process is complicated and this workshop supports those new to the process in successfully implementing it at their school.
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Upcoming Trainings

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Online Courses

Enroll any time in these trainings and orientations

Montessori Online Assistant Training

Year-Round Workshops

Online Communities of Practice

NCMPS Workshops are online communities of practice meeting via live videoconference throughout the school year, where participants can deepen learning, refine practice, share experiences, and collaborate on solutions.

Coaches Workshop and Child Study Workshop are open to graduates of the Coaches and Child Study Trainings. Leaders Workshop and Child Study Workshop have no pre-requisites.

2019-20 Workshop registration is open now through September 13th.

Upcoming Workshops

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Professional Development Sessions

Half-day, full-day, and online sessions for teachers, assistants, leaders, and staff.

These sessions are typically offered as part of a school services package.

Target Sessions ½ day full-day online

Getting started

Sessions for district staff, parents, and potential teachers at the beginning of program development

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Starting a Public Montessori School 90 min
For Parents: What is Montessori? 90 min
Becoming a Montessori Teacher 90 min

Assessing your program

Where are we now? What should we focus on next?

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The Essential Elements Rubric: School-wide Continuous Improvement

Improving school-wide practice

Protocols for excellence

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Introduction to a Whole-School Coaching Model
Child Study Training: Supporting Children with Challenges Coming Soon
Lesson Study: Deepening Shared Understanding of Curriculum

Assessing classrooms and students

How can we measure what really matters in Montessori?

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Orientation to the Developmental Environment Rating Scale (DERS)
Assessment Montessori Style
Transition Benchmarks: What Should Students Know and Do When Moving Up?

Building classroom practice

Classroom management, support for special needs, literacy, observation, and more.

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Developmental Learning Environments
The Practice of Observation
Supporting Language Explosions
Classroom Management
Supporting the Dysregulated Child
The Role of the Assistant
Montessori-Inspired Practice for Adolescents
Visual Thinking Strategies: Supporting Language and Thinking Through Art

Developing whole school culture

Making the whole school a Montessori environment

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Montessori for Non-Montessori Staff
Following the Family: Holistic Approaches to Family Engagement
Assistants Training Coming Soon

Sessions for Families

One to two-hour live and webinar sessions for families

Category Sessions

General Orientations

Montessori Essentials: An Orientation for Families Thinking About Montessori Education
Montessori Essentials: An Orientation for Enrolled Families
Fully Implemented Montessori: What It Is and Why It Matters
Does it Work? What Research Tells Us About Montessori Education

The School-Home Partnership

Taking Montessori Home
Building Positive Relationships with Your Child’s Teacher

Human Development and Optimal Learning

Ages, Stages, and What to Expect: The Four Planes of Development
Technology, Digital Media, and the Child’s Developing Brain

Academics and Montessori

Literacy Development for the Toddler and Primary Child