Montessori Assessment Playbook

The Montessori
Assessment Playbook
Measuring What Matters

NCMPS is excited to announce the release of the Montessori Assessment Playbook, a strategy manual and collection of tools for implementing a new assessment model grounded in Montessori and supporting human flourishing.

The Playbook contains
33 wide-scope assessment tools, including:

  • Essential Elements Rubric
  • Teacher, Assistant, and Executive Appraisal Instruments
  • Observing Work Engagement Forms (Primary, Elementary, and Adolescent)
  • Whole School and Teacher Reflective Practice Inventories
  • Transition Skills Checklists for Primary to Lower Elementary, Lower to Upper Elementary, and Upper Elementary to Adolescent

Available now as a printed manual or an ebook for $29.95

The Montessori Assessment Playbook Webinars

Assessment Playbook Webinars

Tutorials and discussions on selected tools

We’ve scheduled a series of webinars to dig more deeply into the Playbook tools. NCMPS staff will present the tools in context and guest practitioners will share how they have put them to use.

Registration for each webinar is $40.
Recordings will be available to participants, and for purchase after the event.

The Essential Elements

Thursday, May 9th / 7:00pm–8:30pm ET
Essential Elements Rubric / Essential Elements Review

This Webinar has already taken place, but we’ll announce a repeat session when it’s scheduled.

Teacher appraisal

Wednesday, May 15th | 7:00pm–8:30pm ET
Annual review cycle / Reflective Practice Inventory / Teacher Appraisal Instruments

Executive appraisal

Wednesday, May 22nd | 7:00pm–8:30pm ET
Annual review cycle / Job Description / Reflective Practice Inventory / Appraisal Instrument


Tuesday, May 28th | 7:00pm–8:30pm
Observing Wide-Scope Learning / Observing Work Engagement (Primary—Elementary—Adolescent) / Observing an Individual Child and more…

What’s happening with students?

Wednesday, June 5th | 7:00pm–8:30pm ET
Skills Inventories / Normalization and Adjustment Checks / Progress Reports