Schools need well-prepared, well-supported Montessori teachers ready to meet the challenges of the public sector.

Teachers need support to implement their Montessori training with high-poverty, high-need populations. The NCMPS Montessori Teacher Residency helps schools build a pipeline of teachers, with embedded professional development that helps them develop their skills.

Montessori Teacher Residency: Three key components

Training: Comprehensive, thorough, and deeply grounded Montessori teacher training is essential to successful implementation. NCMPS helps schools partner with a local training center or develop their own MACTE-accredited training program according to rigorous NCMPS guidelines.

Surround: Additional coursework supporting Montessori implementation with high-need populations, including the effects of trauma on child development, special education in a Montessori context, language delays, and more.

Culture: A whole-school focus on continuous improvement guided by Montessori principles and supported by professional development including Coaching and Workshops.

Partnered and Integrated Residencies

Partnered Residency: Training is provided by an existing local MACTE-accredited Montessori training center meeting NCMPS Montessori Teacher Residency qualifications, while the Surround and Culture are delivered and supported by NCMPS staff or under NCMPS supervision.

Integrated Residency: NCMPS works with a local school or non-profit to develop a local MACTE-accredited training course. Surround elements are integrated directly into the course. Culture elements are delivered and supported by NCMPS staff or under NCMPS supervision.

DC Montessori Teacher Residency

Visit the DC Montessori Residency site for a detailed look at how Residency works.

NCMPS helps public school teachers and leaders do more and better Montessori by supporting instructional and classroom coaches through Coaching of Coaches, and by supporting school leaders with Leadership Coaching.

Coaching Support

One-one-one support: NCMPS helps schools develop their own Montessori Coaches with our Coaching of Coaches program. NCMPS provides onsite visits and telephone support tailored to individual schools’ needs and resources.

Coaches Workshops: School staff working to support classroom practice can take part in a Coaches Workshop, a group of three to six coaches facilitated by an NCMPS Coaching Leader, which meets biweekly online throughout the school year. Coaches learn best practices, problem-solve collectively, and share challenges and successes. The Coaching Leader makes an initial one day site visit to schools joining a Workshop.

Coaching Symposium: NCMPS convenes classroom coaches and NCMPS Coaching Leaders, as well as school leaders and NCMPS Leadership Coaches, for a day-long workshop to share resources, learn from one another, and develop their programs as Coaching Schools.

School Leadership Support

One-on-one support: NCMPS offers Leadership Coaching for principals and administrators who want help with public Montessori implementation, through individually tailored programs of onsite visits and telephone support.

Leaders Workshop: Similar to the Coaches Workshop for implementation coaches, the Leaders Workshop meets online biweekly through the school year, facilitated by an NCMPS Leadership Coach.

Coaching Symposium: Leaders join classroom coaches at the Coaching Symposium to share resources, learn from one another, and develop their programs as Coaching Schools.