National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector

School Leadership Webinar

So, You’re Running a Public Montessori School:
A Webinar and Discussion Series for Public School Leaders Who Are New to Montessori

Over the course of three weeks, public school administrators who are new to Montessori will receive an introduction to what Montessori is and will acquire insights on how to deal with the unique challenges of Montessori in the public sector.

Registration and webinar platform provided courtesy of the American Montessori Society. Please click here to register.

Content includes:
Week 1           Montessori Primer: The Montessori Worldview and Core Concepts (includes considerations of co-curricular classes and the use of technology)
Week 2 Accountability and Trust: Teacher Quality and Student Assessment in Public Montessori Schools
Week 3 Reaching Out and Reaching up: Advocating with All Stakeholders for Full Implementation

Dates          Tuesday, May 6; Wednesday, May 14; Tuesday, May 20
Time 7:00 - 8:30 EST
Cost $345 per participant
Registration Deadline Monday, May 5, 2014
Format 3 consecutive weeks. Each week will consist of an online presentation followed by an online facilitated small group discussion (maximum of 10 per group).

Presenters and Facilitators

Optional site visits by an NCMPS consultant available for additional fees. For more information, send us your questions using our Contact Form.

Hosted by the American Montessori Society

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