Breakthrough Montessori

Offering free, high quality Montessori education to families in Washington, DC.
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When trained teachers can be found, they often struggle to implement their Montessori training with high-poverty, high-need populations. NCMPS developed Montessori Teacher Residency (MTR) to address these problems. Inspired by successful public education teacher residencies in Boston and Chicago, Montessori Teacher Residency helps schools build a pipeline of trained teachers, along with professional development that support them in developing their skills. Empty Space Height: 32px Montessori Teacher Residency consists of three key elements: Training, Surround, and Culture. Empty Space Height: 32px Single Image Image: 1430 Training: Comprehensive, thorough, and deeply grounded Montessori teacher training is essential to successful implementation. NCMPS helps schools partner with a local training center, or develop their own MACTE-accredited training program according to rigorous NCMPS guidelines. Single Image Image: 1433 Surround: The Surround is additional coursework supporting Montessori implementation with high-need populations. Courses cover the effects of trauma on child development, special education in a Montessori context, language delays, and more. In some cases, the Surround can be structured to lead to state teacher licensure. Single Image Image: 1432 Culture: The Culture is a whole-school focus on continuous improvement guided by Montessori principles and supported by professional development, workshops, coaching, Child Study and Lesson Study. Section Title Title Prefix: Partnered Title: and Integrated Residencies Partnered Residency Training is provided by an existing local MACTE-accredited Montessori training center meeting NCMPS Montessori Teacher Residency qualifications, while the Surround and Culture are delivered and supported by NCMPS staff or under NCMPS supervision. Integrated Residency NCMPS works with a local school or non-profit to develop a local MACTE-accredited training course. Surround elements are integrated directly into the course. Culture elements are delivered and supported by NCMPS staff or under NCMPS supervision Empty Space Height: 32px Empty Space Height: 32px The Public Montessori Residency Consortium The Public Montessori Residency Consortium is a national network of Montessori Teacher Residencies which share resources, insights, and a commitment to continuous learning and improvement. This includes ongoing support from NCMPS, information sharing and an annual PMRC gathering. The DC Montessori Teacher Residency, currently in its pilot year, serves three public Montessori schools in Washington, DC. General Options Layout Options Theme Layout Column Layouts Header Options Header Transparency Choose header Transparency. 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Breakthrough Montessori offers free, high quality Montessori education to families in Washington, DC.

Our Mission is to provide families in Washington, DC with a fully implemented, public Montessori program that enables children to develop within themselves the power to shape their lives and the world around them.

Breakthrough Montessori seeks to graduate students with the academic and social skills necessary to excel in their future schools, complete post-secondary education, and build rewarding careers and vocations.

Our Pillars
Breakthrough Montessori - Responding to the needs of learners at every stage of development


Responding to the needs of learners at every stage of development.

Breakthrough Montessori - Addressing learning challenges before they become disabilities


Addressing learning challenges before they become disabilities.

Breakthrough Montessori - ultivating a robust network of support and life-long learning


Cultivating a robust network of support and life-long learning.

Highly-Structured and Student-Centered Approach

Montessori is a highly-structured and student-centered approach to education.

In a Montessori classroom, students receive lessons one-on-one or in small groups with their teachers.

They explore different skills and concepts by working with hands-on materials that respond to their developmental needs. These materials are sequenced progressively and enable students to independently move through the curriculum at their own pace.

Creating engaging learning environments and delivering personalized lessons.